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In Phase XTC10.2 2 4" Coaxial Car Speaker System 160w Peak Directional Tweeter
In Phase XTC10.2 4" coaxial speaker system 160 watts peak directional tweeter Despite its diminutive 4” dimensions, the In Phase XTC 10.2 speaker system delivers 160 watts of peak power, and rich and pin-sharp sound even when positioned at the bottom of the door.   A powered and.....
In Phase XTC13.2 13cm 5.25" 210w 2 Way Coaxial Car Audio Speaker System
In Phase XTC10.2 4" 13cm 5.25" coaxial speaker system The In Phase XTC 13.2 speaker system features a rotary tweeter design which enables you to adjust the sound to the required listening angle…and what a sound it is! Delivering 210 watts of peak power, with rich, sharp and cr.....
In Phase XTC17.2 6.5" 17cm 250W Coaxial 2-way Car Speaker System
In Phase XTC17.2 17cm 6.5" Coaxial 2-way Speaker Get ready for a seriously upgraded sound quality – even when used with a factory fitted stereo. The In Phase XTC 17.2 speaker system delivers 250 watts of peak power, with rich, sharp and crystal-clear sound. The smart adjustable design .....
In Phase XTC4CX 4" 3-Way 10cm 200 Watts Component Upgrade System
In Phase XTC4CX 3way component 4" dedicated 3way crossover upgrade system In Phase have launched the new XTC series, sticking with our heritage we have continued to use our Famous Glass Fibre Woven Cone, giving for a more rigid and stronger cone without the additional weight producing a fast.....
In Phase XTC501 5.25" 13cm Components 2-way Car Door Speakers 200 Watt
In Phase XTC501 5.25 inch 200W Components speakers 13cm The New XTC series have been redesigned In line with our current philosophy. In Phase have developed the new XTC series to be more aesthetically pleasing moving away from the chrome plated design to a new classic look across the range. Impro.....
In Phase XTC5CX 13cm/5.25" 250 Watts 2-Way Component Speaker System
In Phase XTC5CX 2way component speaker system 250 watts 40 watts RMS In this seriously impressive In Phase XTC 5CX 2-way component speaker system, the woofers and tweeters are mounted independently, with each operating to its full potential to boost your sound in every way.   A more powerful.....
In Phase XTC69.3 6x9 3 Way Triaxial Speaker System 400 Watts
In Phase XTC69.3 400 watt peak 6x9" 3way triaxial speaker system Seriously loud, amazingly clean and sharp, the In Phase XTC 69.3 speaker system delivers 400 watts of peak power and rich, crystal-clear sound.   The quality of sound is due to the powered and coated speaker chassis, which.....
In Phase XTC6CX 6.5" 17cm 300 Watt 2 Way Component  Car Audio Speaker System
In Phase XTC6CX 17cm 2 way Component system Hear your music the way it was meant to be heard. With independent woofers and tweeters, the exciting new In Phase XTC 5CX 2-way 17cm component speaker system delivers a seriously impressive sound with clear highs and deep lows.   Deep rich bass .....
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