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RAV 4 (2001 - 2018)

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Audio System Optimized For Popular Car Models

Fromt the most simple car audio kit to the most complete amplified system these speakers can be easily installed to replace teh factory system without having to make any modification to the vehicle's interior.

Focal INSIDE ICTOY165 6.5" 17cm 240 Watts 2 Way Car Speakers Upgrade Kit For Toyota Cars
Brand: Focal Model: ICTOY165 + RKXSK
Package IncludedFocal ICTOY165 6.5" 17cm 240 Watts 2 Way Direct Fit Car Speakers for Toyota Cars Stinger RKXSK Expert Sound Proofing Deadening Material 2 Sheet Speaker Kit2-Way Coaxial KitICTOY165 is designed for drivers who want to replace their original audio syst..
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