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Brand: Garmin Model: 010-12530-18
Polarized Lens CoverAttach this polarized lens cover to your compatible Dash Cam to increase video clarity and reduce reflections.Compatible DevicesGarmin Dash Cam 45 Garmin Dash Cam 46 Garmin Dash Cam 55 Garmin Dash Cam 56 Garmin Dash Cam Mini..
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Brand: Gator Model: GHWCUSB
Hardwire your Gator GHDVR72W or GHDVR82W Dash Cam to free up your vehicles power socket and give the installation a tidier appearance. The GHWCUSB Micro USB Hard Wired Cable is a convenient and simple way to install a USB socket behind your vehicle's dash, then simply plug in your Gator Dash Cams US..
Ex Tax:£19.99
Brand: Gator Model: GPS7282W
Gator External GPS Antenna GPS7282W sports a compact design and is compatible with Gator GHDVR72W and GHDVR82W. By adding the GPS7282W to your compatible gator dash cam you will add the additional benefits of GPS Data Logging that tracks vehicle speed and location for future review or evidence. Plea..
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Brand: Gator Model: GDVR190
Dash cams have since become an integral part of each and everyone's safe driving journey for peace of mind. As we see road accidents, hit-and-runs and vandals happen left and right as documented on the news or online, dash cams became every driver or car owner's must-have in capturing critical momen..
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Brand: Navman Model: N50
Navman 50 - Recording The Evidence You NeedWith the new, compact and lightweight Navman 50 you’ll always have proof of what really happened on the road. For your convenience, the dash cam will start recording when you start your car. The Full HD 1080 pixel camera records your journey, effe..
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Brand: Mio Model: MiVue C323P
MiVue™ 323P Your Personal Eyewitness On The Road With the new, compact and lightweight MiVue 323P you’ll always have proof of what really happened on the road. For your convenience, the dash cam will start recording when you start your car. Full HD 1080 pixel camera records your journey, functioni..
Ex Tax:£59.99
Brand: Mio Model: MiVue A20
The Mio MiVue 700 series (with exception of MiVue 731) dashcam range has been designed to allow you the add a rear facing dash camera. Twice the road coverage, twice the security.The Mio A20 rear cam mounts discreetly to your rear windscreen, making sure every detail of the road behind is record..
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Brand: Gator Model: GHDVR293
This product is designed to provide high definition recording of your trips for security and evidence in the case of an incident. Being portable, this convenient and durable multi-vehicle driving recorder can be used in a variety of situations for video recording.Gator GHDVR293 Dash Cam simply s..
Ex Tax:£69.99
Brand: Gator Model: GHDVR296
Gator GHDVR296 Dash Cam simply suction cups to the front windscreen of the car and records footage in HD 1080P Resolution. Comes with a 3-inch LCD screen, 120 degree wide angle lens and G-Sensor which senses any sudden/unusual movement while driving and parked and securely stores the footage for fut..
Ex Tax:£69.99
Brand: Gator Model: GHDVR351
Get the Gator GHDVR351 dash cam to capture 1080P HD, wide angle and clear videos at 24 FPS of your road trips for security and peace of mind, should you get involved in a road accident. This gives you the much-needed evidence that can support your insurance claim or help authorities investigate and ..
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Mio Mivue C333P Car Dash Camera 1080p Full HD Video Recording 130° GPS Tracking
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Brand: Mio Model: MiVue C333P
MIO MIVUE C333P2 Inch Display Screen  1080p Full HD Dual @30fps  Safety Camera Warnings  Parking Mode  GPS Tracking  130° Wide Angle Lens  360° Rotating Design  Rotating Mount Design  F2.0 Aperture Lens  Switch to Photo Mode..
Ex Tax:£69.99
Brand: Mio Model: MiVue C335
MiVue™ C335 More than just a dash cam: your road companionAuto power on Integrated GPS 1080p Full HD Recording Share your videos easilyRecord your whole journey Auto power on From the moment you start your car, the MiVue™ C335 begins recording, so you can be sure that every deta..
Ex Tax:£73.99
Brand: Mio Model: MiVue A30
Rear Dash Cam By using with specific MiVue™ dashcam models, MiVue™ A30 supports front and rear dual-cams synchronized recording. Moreover, its 140° wide angle lens captures every details at critical moments. You'll be well-protected backwards and forwards, and everything in betw..
Ex Tax:£79.95
Brand: Gator Model: GHDVR72W
Designed to provide peace of mind, security and accurate evidence in case of a road misfortune, Gator GHDVR72W records HD 720P footage through its 152-degree wide angle lens. What's great about this dash cam is that you can connect your smartphone to it via WiFi. This means you can access video reco..
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Brand: Snooper Model: MY SPEED XL
MY SPEED XLThe Snooper My-Speed XL displays and alerts you to changes in the speed limit on every road you travel on, so you can ensure you’re driving safely, protecting your driving licence and avoiding speeding fines. The device’s AURA database provides drivers with all the informa..
Ex Tax:£87.99
Brand: Mio Model: C540
Mio Mivue C540 Dash Camera The essential Full HD dash cam Sony's high quality optic sensor Full HD 1080p High Quality 3-Axis G-Sensor Record at all times with Parking ModeFlawless footage in Full HD Sony's high quality optic sensor The MiVue™ C54..
Ex Tax:£89.95
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