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MG SOT Leads enables the fitting of an aftermarket hands free car kit that works through the standard OEM head unit. SOT / Tele mute leads are designed to plug onto the end of the ISO leads supplied with your Parrot, Motorola, Bury or Nokia Bluetooth car kits and convert the ISO connecting plug to one specific to your vehicles audio system. SOT lead is designed to interface between the radio and the radio harness. It provides a power and earth supply to the handsfree kit and route the phone audio through the cars front speakers. No vehicle cables need to be cut. 
CT10RO01 MG ZR, ZS, ZT (2001-2005) Parrot ISO-T SOT Harness Adaptor Lead
Brand: Connects2 Model: CT10RO01
The ISO-T Harness SOT lead (SOUND ON TOP) is the perfect accessory when installing an aftermarket amplifier. The ISO-T harness installed between the amplifier and vehicle, taking high-level input signal from the car and passing it through the amplifier and sending it to the speakers. The SOT leads a..
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