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Blaupunkt Stereo Removal Keys to remove headunit from the facia cage. Many OEM manufacturers are incorporating special locking mechanisms into their head units in an attempt to prevent stereo theft. This means that to remove one of these units you will require a manufacturer specific stereo removal key to prevent damage to the head unit or the surrounding fascia and cage.

Brand: Autoleads Model: PC5-83
These keys are designed to remove the Philips or Blaupunkt Car stereo which has 2 round holes on either side of the stereo.IMPORTANT NOTE:We try to provide upto date information. If you are unsure about the model number please feel free to contact our customer service on 020 8875 2525 and w..
Ex Tax:£3.95
Brand: Autoleads Model: PC5-110
Suitable for the removal of the Blaupunkt / Bosch Double Din Radios in Suzuki Ignis models...
Ex Tax:£3.95
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