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Brand: Snooper Model: MY SPEED XL
MY SPEED XLThe Snooper My-Speed XL displays and alerts you to changes in the speed limit on every road you travel on, so you can ensure you’re driving safely, protecting your driving licence and avoiding speeding fines. The device’s AURA database provides drivers with all the informa..
Ex Tax:£87.99
Brand: Snooper Model: DVR-4HD
DVR-4HD Full HD, Dual Dash Cam with Speed Camera AlertsThe Snooper DVR-4HD Dash Camera allows you to record your journey to protect your vehicle from accidents and criminal activity, ensuring your no-claims bonus remains intact. The DVR-4HD automatically records and monitors any accident or inc..
Ex Tax:£127.95
Brand: Snooper Model: DVR-5HD
DVR-5HD Full HD, Dual Dash Cam with Speed Camera AlertsIntroducing the Snooper DVR-5HD, FULL HD Front & Rear Dash Camera! Bringing together two 1080p HD video cameras to cover the front and rear of your vehicle. Snooper DVR-5HD includes forward collision and lane departure warnings, 3-axis ..
Ex Tax:£159.99
Brand: Snooper Model: DVR-5HD G3
DVR-5HD G3Key Features Include:3″ LCD Display Automatic accident and event recording Continuous audio and video recording Emergency recording HD Images - 1920p x 1080p (HD) Front & Rear Built-in micro GPS technology WiFi conectivity with App Built-in miniature video came..
Ex Tax:£179.90
Brand: Snooper Model: S2700 Truckmate
The Truckmate S2700 Sat Nav is an affordable satellite navigation system that boasts the innovative features that are specifically designed to help truck driving. This includes software that provides valuable route planning and information for truckers, which can help improve fuel consumption and re..
Ex Tax:£197.95
Brand: Snooper Model: Ventura S2700
The Ventura S2700 Sat Nav is an ideal travelling companion for anyone with a caravan or motorhome as it uses the size and weight of a vehicle to calculate a safe and easy route for you. Simply enter the dimensions of your vehicle into the device and a route will be calculated that avoids obstacles a..
Ex Tax:£208.95
Brand: Snooper Model: S2700 BUS & COACH
The Bus & Coach S2700 Sat Nav provides important navigation information to bus and coach drivers and includes a host of innovative features designed to make driving easier and safer, including junction view, lane guidance, HERE Maps for Life and larger vehicle points of interest. Snoope..
Ex Tax:£209.95
Brand: Snooper Model: SC5900 EU BUS AND COACH
Snooper Bus & Coach SC5900DVR The Bus & Coach SC5900 DVR is the ultimate co-pilot, designed to help Bus & Coach drivers navigate the roads safely and more efficiently. It has a built-in dash cam that is essential evidence for any insurance claim. The multi-route technology can find rout..
Ex Tax:£279.95
Brand: Snooper Model: SC5900 Truckmate
Snooper Truckmate SC5900DVRBuilt-in HD Dash Cam. Using our expertise and knowledge of Sat Navs, DVRs and Dash Cams, Snooper has created SC5900DVR, a combination of our award winning navigation and DVR technology. Our latest unit continuously records and saves any vehicle incidents you may encou..
Ex Tax:£289.90
Brand: Snooper Model: SC5900 Ventura
Ventura is the first portable sat nav system to include dedicated routing designed specifically for caravans and motorhomes - plus Snooper's multi award winning speed camera location technology. Ventura was first launched in 2009 and has been a huge success, welcomed by caravan and motorhome ent..
Ex Tax:£289.95
Snooper 7" Sunshade / Screen Protector For S6400 S6800 S8000 DB8500 C8200 C8500
Out Of Stock
Brand: Snooper Model: SV7
Snooper 7" SunshadeReduces Bright Sunlight & Night Glare. Makes It Easier T Oread The Display In Bright Sunlight And Reduces Windscreen Glare At Night.FITS: 7" SUNSHADE FOR S6400,S6800, S8000, DB8500, C8200 AND C8500. ..
Ex Tax:£17.99
Snooper S6800 CH 12V/24V Power Lead USB Car Charger TMC Antenna Cigar lighter
Out Of Stock
Brand: Snooper Model: S6800 CH
Snooper S6800 CH 12V/24V Power Lead USB Car Charger/TMC Antenna/Cigar lighter Genuine replacement In-Vehicle charger with built-in TMC for Snooper S6800 and S8100 Sat nav, plugs straight into your vehicles accessory outlet (Cigar lighter).  This is a genuine Snooper manufactured repla..
Ex Tax:£23.90
Snooper DVR-WF1 HD Recording Truck / Car Dash Cam Camera WiFi 1080p
Out Of Stock
Brand: Snooper Model: DVR-WF1
DVR-WF1 Full HD DashcamNEW Snooper DVR-WF1 is a discreet new Dash Cam to add to our extensive range of Vehicle Drive Recorders. DVR-WF1 records HD images of the road, whilst saving any driving incidents across Europe.Key FeaturesFull HD 1080p Video Resolution @30fps WiFi Enabled (v..
Ex Tax:£96.95
Snooper 4Zero Elite BT Speed Camera Detector With Bluetooth
Out Of Stock
Brand: Snooper Model: 4Zero Elite BT
Snooper 4Zero Elite BT Speed Camera detector With Bluetooth. Snooper 4Zero Elite BT, developed from the popular 4Zero & 4Zero Elite models. GPS, Radar/Laser detection now with Bluetooth™ updates.Fixed GPS and Mobile Laser Speed Trap Detection Wireless Updates (via Smartphone) Au..
Ex Tax:£249.99
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