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Remington EP7300 Smooth & Silky 3-IN-1 Epilator
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Brand: Remington Model: EP7300
SMOOTH & SILKY EP3 3-IN-1 EPILATOR The Smooth & Silky EP3 3-in-1 Epilator features the advanced epilator system, designed for comfort and outstanding, long-lasting, smooth results. If you long for silky, smooth skin, the 3-in-1 can give you up to four hair-free week..
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Remington EP7500 Smooth & Silky EP5 5-IN-1 Epilator
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Brand: Remington Model: EP7500
SMOOTH & SILKY EP5 5-IN-1 EPILATORIf you want long lasting smooth skin, the Smooth & Silky EP5 5-in-1 epilator is for you. This new, advanced epilator system is designed to give you smoother results, while providing a more comfortable experience. Helping you..
Ex Tax:£48.95
Remington EP7700 Smooth & Silky EP7 7-IN-1 Epilator
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Brand: Remington Model: EP7700
SMOOTH & SILKY EP7 7-IN-1 EPILATORThe Smooth & Silky EP7 7-in-1 Epilator offers you the ultimate personal care experience, keeping your skin feeling smooth from head to toe. This stylish, cordless epilator can be used wet or dry, making it ideal for the bath or shower...
Ex Tax:£53.95
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