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Make cooking fun with our range of fryers, slow cookers and Steamers. For fat-free and healthy cooking. We also have Breadmakers, Sandwich Makers, and Grills to spice your daily life.
Brand: Russell Hobbs Model: 24520
Classics 2 Portion Sandwich Maker The 2 Portion Sandwich Maker is perfect for making tasty toasties with the perfect crunch. You can enjoy a classic cheese and ham, oozing with golden goodness, or sweeten things up with a dessert toastie filled with mouth-wateringly melted chocolate and fruit. Bein..
Ex Tax:£19.95
Brand: Morphy Richards Model: 460300
Slow cooking is one of the healthiest and most cost effective methods of cooking. The 1.5L Ceramic pot is ideal for casseroles, curries and chillies - perfect for small households.The easy to use dial allows you to select your cooking temperature; Low (6-12 hours), Medium (4-10 hours) or High (3..
Ex Tax:£22.95
Brand: George Foreman Model: 25800
George Foreman is your mealtime friend, designed to help you out in the kitchen and grill up seriously tasty food. The small fit grill’s smaller footprint saves space without compromising on performance, where time and space is tight. The space saving design also makes storage simple, without sacrif..
Ex Tax:£22.99
Brand: Morphy Richards Model: 460017
Brushed Stainless Steel 3.5L Ceramic Slow CookerSlow cooking is one of the healthiest and most cost effective methods of cooking. Our 3.5L Ceramic Slow Cooker can serve 6 starter portions or 4 main dishes comfortably, making it ideal for family meals.The oval shaped 3.5L Ceramic pot is ideal..
Ex Tax:£24.90
Brand: Russell Hobbs Model: 24180
Chalk Board 3.5L Slow CookerThe Russell Hobbs Chalk Board Slow Cooker in stylish Matt Black is a cookpot with a twist. As well as providing all the advanced and clever features that make Russell Hobbs Slow Cookers indispensable, the Chalk Board housing means you can write on it too. Whether you ..
Ex Tax:£26.95
Brand: Russell Hobbs Model: 27030
Medium Rice Cooker and Steamer The Medium Rice Cooker and Steamer makes creating rice dishes effortless. Whether you’re batch cooking, or rustling up a risotto for the family - you can make up to 6 servings of cooked rice (up to 200 grams per serving). The automatic keep-warm feature means you can ..
Ex Tax:£26.95
Brand: Russell Hobbs Model: 19750
COOK @HOME RICE COOKER AND STEAMERCooks rice to perfection up to 10 cups at a time and automatically switches off when food is ready. Includes a tray for steaming fish and vegetables.Features:1.8L capacity (10 cups) Brushed stainless steel housing Glass lid Non-stick r..
Ex Tax:£27.95
Brand: Prestige Model: 47593
Smart Cook Mechanical Slow CookerThis Slow cooker is a real essential. Simply toss in your ingridents & let it do the hard work for you. Today's modern lifestyles are hectic so what better than to have a comforting meal to come home to, where all you need to do is plate up! if you're not rea..
Ex Tax:£27.99
Brand: Morphy Richards Model: 460013
Ivory Sear and Stew Slow Cooker 3.5LThe 3.5L Sear and Stew, features a hob proof cooking pot, meaning you can sear and slow cook from start to finish in one cooking pot making the slow cooking process even more efficient.At Morphy Richards we understand the hectic lifestyle of today and that..
Ex Tax:£29.99
Brand: Morphy Richards Model: 460018
Brushed Stainless Steel 3.5L Aluminium Slow CookerThis slow cooker is ideal for family meals. The 3.5 litre capcity will serve upt to 6 starter portions or 4 main dishes comfortabley.Plus the instruction book contains delicious recipes for you to try.The easy to use dial features 3 temperatu..
Ex Tax:£31.95
Brand: Russell Hobbs Model: 21140
3 Tier Food SteamerMost food favourites benefit from the steam treatment – it’s a healthier way to cook without adding oils or fat. Meat and fish keeps its flavour and succulence because the steaming process infuses the food, sealing in its natural juiciness and nutritional values. ..
Ex Tax:£34.99
Brand: Russell Hobbs Model: 27040
Large Rice Cooker and Steamer Make meals the whole family will love, with the Large Rice Cooker and Steamer. Whether you’re making Spanish paella, pilau rice to go with your favourite curry, or quinoa as a rice alternative – this Rice Cooker does it all. Making up to 14 Servings of cooked rice (up ..
Ex Tax:£34.99
Brand: Russell Hobbs Model: 17888
3 in 1 Panini / Grill & GriddleThis versatile appliance has three different functions – it can be used flat for a panini press; angled for a lean grill; or 180° for an open griddle. The non-stick coated plates are easy to clean too.Features1800W Stainless steel 4 slice panini ..
Ex Tax:£38.95
Brand: George Foreman Model: 25810
30% Space SavingBeing thinner in depth, this streamlined design has been created to save you space, whether it is on your countertop or Vertically stored away for a clutter-free kitchen. Cook up your favourite dishes, quicker than everWith a 160% Faster Heat Up^^, you can enjoy ..
Ex Tax:£39.95
Brand: Morphy Richards Model: 460011
Red Sear and Stew Slow Cooker 3.5LThe Digital Sear and Stew 3.5L, features a hob proof cooking pot, meaning you can sear and slow cook from start to finish in one cooking pot making the slow cooking process even more efficient.Once your pot is in the slow cooker base simply select either the..
Ex Tax:£44.99
Brand: Tefal Model: GC242840
Tefal Inicio Adjust GC242840 Versatile, Health Grill, Black, 2000W, 6-8 portionsThe powerful and compact grill that’s easy to use, clean and store.2000W of power with adjustable thermostat for panini, meat fish & vegetables Compact, space saving upright storage design makes it easy ..
Ex Tax:£47.90
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