Sony XAV-AX1005DB DAB Apple CarPlay Multimedia Receiver

If you are looking upgrade the audio video in your vehicle without spending big money this one is for you. New Sony XAV AX100 is an impressive digital media receiver, with excellent sound and all the latest tech built in. Highly responsive touchscreen, DAB Radio Apple CarPlay and more at

Alexa In you Car

Alexa Stereo

Amazon Alexa now built-in to KENWOOD's compatible car stereos. Ask Alexa for traffic information, select music from your Amazon music playlists, get the latest news, football scores, switch on your lighting, heating or open the garage door from the car stereo. Bringing your home into your car. Click here to view

Why Use a Dash Camera?

pioneer dash cam

Installing a Pioneer Dash Camera can give you peace of mind. Protect yourself from fraudulent insurance claims by being able to use the recorded footage in the event of an incident, giving you the ability to identify who is at fault quickly and easily. In some countries installing a Dash Camera

Christmas gift idea

Garmin Vivomove Watches a perfect gift for your loved one, on sale now on Dynamic Sounds  

New range of Floating Screen CarPlay Android stereo

If you’ve been following the changes in the mobile enhancement industry over the past few years, then you’re familiar with the steady progression of new floating-screen multimedia headunits. These headunit feature an oversized touchscreen of various sizes that mounts in front of a standard radio chassis to provide big-screen entertainment

* Don’t Get Caught out * Buy Bluetooth Handsfree Car kit now

Thousands of drivers are caught each year by eagle-eyed cops after using their mobile phones at the wheel, with distracted drivers causing hundreds of fatal accidents on Britain’s roads. It’s illegal to use your phone while driving or riding a motorcycle unless you have hands-free access, such as: A bluetooth headset