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Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014> Integrated Touchscreen Kit

Install a Single or Double DIN aftermarket stereo to the 2014-Up Jeep Grand Cherokee with Connects2 Integrated Touchscreen Control Dash Kit

Experience the height of integration technology with our ITC installation kit for the 2014-Up Jeep Grand Cherokee. The kit features a full colour touchscreen solution for the control of vehicle air conditioning as well as other vehicle technology systems and convenience features.

Connects2 kit is simple to install, with no programming or cutting of the factory wiring required, and allows you to upgrade your stereo to any aftermarket single or double DIN unit whilst retaining a number of vital vehicle features that would ordinarily be lost such as the OEM amplified system, Aux inputs, reversing camera, parking sensors, heated and cooled seats and steering wheel controls.

Built-in Advanced Colour Touchscreen Control System Retains

  • Climate Controls
  • Steering Wheel Controls
  • Vehicle OE Menus & Settings
  • Premium Amplified Systems
  • Retains OEM Camera (If equipped)
  • Retains Heated / Cooled Seats (If equipped)
  • Retains Heated Steering Wheel (If equipped)
  • Retains parking sensor sounds (if equipped)
  • Integrated Stereo Replacement Interface
  • Factory Matched Colour
  • Retains OEM AUX Input
  • Provides Outputs for Speed Pulse, Park Brake, Reverse, Illumination and Accessory 12V

CTKJP02 Tan Fascia Trim

CTKJP03 Silver Fascia Trim


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