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Choose an Aux Input Adaptor for your Vehicle !!

What is Aux Adaptor?

Auxiliary (AUX) inputs are simple audio connections that look like headphone sockets. Paired with an AUX-IN cable they will allow you to input sound from any media device with a normal headphone socket. They are one of the easiest ways to play music from your Portable MP3 Players, Phone, iPod, iPad etc in your car.

Why I need Aux Adaptor?

Older vehicles factory radio or after market radios might not have an option to plug in Aux Input cable. So rather than upgrading the entire head unit, you can install a small Aux Adaptor which enables you to listen to your portable device playback through car speakers.

Do I need it professionally Installed?

We recommend professional installation for a hassle free experience. But these adaptors are plug-n-play and come with installation instructions. See the video below for a demo installation.

How it works?

Auxiliary input adapter enables a seamless connection of external audio source to your factory fitted radio. You can connect any audio sources ( such as portable MP3 player, iPod, etc ) via RCA sockets or by using the supplied RCA to 3.5mm headphone cable. This auxiliary input interface connect to original head units via the CD changer port and trick the unit into believing it is playing a CD changer, whilst really playing the audio from another sources. This means the audio can be produced at a much higher quality.

Where could I find Aux adaptor for my Radio?

You can visit our Aux Adaptor section to find the compatible Aux Adaptor for your Vehicle or you can contact us for technical assistance.

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