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Your Parking Problems Solved Parking Sensor & Reversing Kit

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reversingaidThe must  have Reversing Camera Kits and Parking Reversing Sensors are all in stock at Dynamicsounds. In a busy car park is one of the many challenges drivers face today is reversing and parking the car. It is not just about judging distance – there are important safety issues too. What if you have not spotted a child trying to pass behind you as you select reverse gear?

Veba Colour Coded Parking Sensors Reversing Kit come with 4 sensors and control unit with display and buzzer.

Reversing Sensor is available is 56 Colours.

Veba Audio Video Camera Kits, Comes with TFT Monitor, Bumper Mount Night Vision Camera, and full installation kit. Available kits are:

Veba AVKIT16-20 7 inch Mirror Monitor with 1/4 Mini Camera, Wiring Kit
Veba AVKIT18-20 7 inch Mirror Monitor with Night Vision Camera, Wiring Kit
Veba AVKIT15-20 7 inch Mirror Monitor, Flush Mount Bumper Camera Kit
Veba AVKIT14-20 LED Night Vision Camera, 7 inch LCD Monitor Wiring Kit
Veba AVKIT48-20 2x LED Night Vision Camera, 5.8 inch LCD Monitor, Split Screen
Veba AVKIT47-20 Night Vision Camera Kit with 5.8 inch LCD Monitor 20m Wiring Kit

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